A TV network, formerly known as The National Network, formerly known as the Nashville Network. They changed their focus c. 2001 to become a "guy's" network rather than a country network. Their keystone programming includes Star Trek: The Next Generation, VIP, and various wrestling events. This covers all important guy interests (technology, hot girls, violence). Their acquisition of Exclusive syndication rights to Star Trek TNG was a major ratings boost.
"I want to make the ultimate guy's show. It'll have technology, sex, and violence all in one package."
"What will you call it?"
"Android Kick-Fucking"
"Spike TV will be all over that."
by Dave September 19, 2003
Top Definition
A television network whose only good shows are reruns of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine. A television network that prides itself on sexism and idiocy.
SpikeTV claims that it is cool because it's letting a monkey run its television network during Super Bowl weekend. That's been done already in the real world - we have a monkey running this country right now, his name is George Bush.
by jesster79 February 02, 2006
The male answer to the feminist crap on Lifetime
A REAL man watches Spike!
by Trudeau October 29, 2004
The channel formerly know as TNN. (I think)
"yo jerry...i was just watching Spike TV last night."
by mademoiselle September 22, 2003
A network for men, once they get rid of those damn reality TV shows and show more of the A-Team.
Two good parts about Spike TV are that Elimination show and Star Trek: The New Generation.
by true October 17, 2003
"Nashville Network" Version 2 disguised under a different name and lack of squaredancing shows.
The first network for men. Because we know how all men share a brain.
by jen September 06, 2004
Best. Channel. EVER. Originally known as TNN, then "The New TNN".
SpikeTV's show, MXC, is the funniest show ever.
by ZaiMatarese August 22, 2003
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