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Spike Lee is a Genius who showed white Hollywood and America, that black people could be portrayed as other than pimps, whores, drug-dealers and users. He showed us Black people can beautiful, intelligent, articulant and sexy. While not sugar coating reality.
by The Truth October 25, 2003
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Righteous Brother who is never afraid to piss off a bunch of hyper-entitled whiny White folks by TELLING THE MOTHERFUCKING TRUTH!
"Gee, I really didn't appreciate that 'Do the Right Thing'movie...Spike Lee is a reverse-racist!"

"Shut up, honky, and give me my goddamn reparations before I tell everyone how small your dick is!!!"
by poppysister August 23, 2006
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A Racist. Plain and simple. I understand he tries to convey the African American opinion in his films, but all he does is come off as arrogant and just as, if not more of, a bigger, more hate filled person than any white director.

Bullshit, yet extremely loyal Knick fan, who unfortunately lost the Knicks that series vs. the Pacers and Reggie Miller.
Spike Lee says the most overrated basketball player of all time is Larry Bird.

Spike Lee is pissed off that no black people were in Clint Eastwood's Flags of our Fathers, even no there were no black soldiers who raised the flags. Its not racism, its history.
by Dan Druff 69 February 26, 2011
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Soon the hood will be filled with Spike Lees running around.
by IphilP April 25, 2005
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Spike made a movie named "Do the Right Thing".
The movie had a message. The message was that if you do not get what you want from people, you should attack them. Violence is an appropriate response to frustration.
That dude won't let you cut in line?
Let's Spike Lee his ass!
by Overdrive October 26, 2005
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An angry little Afro-American who can be seen dancing around like a chimpanzee
at Madison Square Garden during Knicks games. In his spare time he makes crummy movies, and if you don't like them he'll call you a racist.
Spike Lee is a self-absorbed windbag
by HankanatorX July 02, 2003
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jobless (but immensely wealthy) liberal hippie who can seen doing a watusi-type dance at any given knicks game. accusing him of the above would brand you a racist by him or his staff.
I just saw Spike Lee handing out flowers and holding a peace rally in times square! isn't that amazing??
by flunkie December 14, 2004
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