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A website for Horse lovers everywhere. A game often hated on by 16-year-old assholes.
I like hating on SpiffyHorse because I'm a 16-year-old who is so naive that they think 20-year-olds living with their parents isn't the norm.
by BonAqua February 01, 2011
A horse sim intended for older players. Not overrun with ten-year-olds as is the case with Horseland.
Horseland use to cool but now it's full of emo kids and douchebags, so I quit and joined Spiffy Horse
by Jimbo28 May 29, 2009
A website for Horse lovers everywhere. If you like to own an account for a website that is ran by arrogant douche bags, this is the place to be!
I like SpiffyHorse, getting advice from 20 year olds that live with their parents is great!
by Try me :) December 16, 2010
A really sexy horse sim game that has a mascot called hank. Sometimes shortened to SH
I hate horseland so I joined Spiffyhorse
by )_) May 03, 2009

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