The spiderman is something that often happens to guys that go to prison on their first night in the shower. All the other guys beat up the "fresh fish" and push him to the ground in the corner of the shower then they form a circle around him and beat off till they cum in their hand and sling it at the new guy that all beat up and crying like a little girl. As they throw the cum at him they yell "Go Web!". Its a way of showing the new guy that from that minute on he's somebody's bitch.
Damn, look over there, that guy's gettin spiderman'ed! They pushed him to the floor, beat off in their hands and threw the nut all over him. He's somebody's bitch now..... sad.
#spiderman #nut slinger #go web #go web go #spidy sense
by Big Duff March 06, 2009
A technique of avoiding a gross public toilet seat. Simply press both arms and both feet against the walls of the toilet stall and raise yourself above the seat.
That seat was so gross that I had to do a Spider Man!
#toilet #hoverpoop #crap #dump #sky dump
by Big Al72 February 13, 2011
An extension of the penis showing game as seen in the movie "Waiting" It is where one does a handstand while being completely naked outside of a door or around a corner in anticipation that someone will walk out and see them. The consequence for looking at their junk is 10 kicks, while calling them a homosexual for staring at your nuts.
Biz: "I'm going to get Nellis with the Spiderman"

Larry: "Do it, he's about to come out of the bathroom."

Nellis: "Ahhh, dude that's foul!"

Biz: "Why are you staring at my nuts fag?!?"
#spiderman #waiting #dan i love your mom #biz #dick
by Jizmo Beach June 18, 2010
A Spiderman is when a male ejaculates in his palm(usually during sex)and flicks his wrist in a forward motion causing the semen to fly and often hit his partner. It's common to pronounce, "My Spider-Sense is tingling!" before commiting this act. Usually to let a partner know what's about to happen or confuse them, leaving them open for a clearer shot. Spidermans can be done alone but are better enjoyed with a partner.
1.)"Hey, Tiffany.. Sorry about giving you that Spiderman last night. I told you my Spider-Sense was tingling!"

2.)"Hey, broseph. I got bored last night and Spiderman'd a couple Dr.Pepper."
#spiderman #spider #man #ejaculate #penis #weird #sick
by Dr. Jack King Goffe September 30, 2009
The act of ejaculating into your hand, then positioning your fingers with your thumb, index, and pinky pointed out; and your middle and ring finger curled under (as spiderman does when he shoots his web), then flinging it in the face of your partner.
I totally gave this chick the spiderman last night.
#sex #semen #spider #man #spiderman
by phurba169 March 22, 2009
where a guy is having sex wit a woman an pulls out right when he is ready to cum jacks himself off an flings the cum off his hand all over her face.
dude i played spiderman on this C U NEXT TUESDAY last nite HAAA. She was pissed
#jiz #nut #face #flung #bitch #cunt #jackoff
by mecarcrazy December 21, 2008
When a guy ejaculates while laying his dick along the inside of his wrist, pretending to be spiderman.
dude, I was so spiderman last night.
#spiderman #wrist #ejaculate #pretend #dick
by DarkPhantom October 26, 2008
when u beat off in your hand and throw it at someone
man look at all that gizz on your face, i gave you the spider man
#spiderman #beatoff #facial #sperm #ejaculate
by major woody November 17, 2006
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