The spiderman is something that often happens to guys that go to prison on their first night in the shower. All the other guys beat up the "fresh fish" and push him to the ground in the corner of the shower then they form a circle around him and beat off till they cum in their hand and sling it at the new guy that all beat up and crying like a little girl. As they throw the cum at him they yell "Go Web!". Its a way of showing the new guy that from that minute on he's somebody's bitch.
Damn, look over there, that guy's gettin spiderman'ed! They pushed him to the floor, beat off in their hands and threw the nut all over him. He's somebody's bitch now..... sad.
by Big Duff March 06, 2009
Very, very sticky weed. As coined by T.I. in the classic "Rubberband Man" in the line

"Herb so sticky it stick to the walls like Spiderman"
*Nig* Where dem tweeds at yo?

*Grimace* Stuck to the goddamn ceiling man, I got that mothafuckin' Spiderman.
by EightEqualsD September 23, 2007
An addendum to the method of performing the Spiderman below. When completing the Spiderman (flinging the "web" into the girl's face), you must make the appropriate Spiderman hand gesture AND voice Spidey's famous web noise - THWIPP! Immediately web swinging away is recommended (for added effect throw in a Spidey catch phrase or witicism).
OH OH YEAH! AHHHHH....... THWIPP!!!! ....Cripes!
by Matt J. June 08, 2005
When someone decides to have sex directly after having their balls busted which causes blood to come out instead of jizz.
damn it, I had a spider-man.
by patty watty the fat faggy May 11, 2010
When the male ejaculates while his hand is under his penis in the Spiderman hand symbol. This acts like the semen is the web.
-"Johnny Spidermanned all over my butt."
by fgbn July 10, 2008
when the man withdraws his penis during sex just before climax and cumshots the womans vagina.
"i spidermaned my hoe from 7 foot away!"
by willwillwillwillwill December 17, 2007
When receiving a hand job you jizz in her hand and she tries to use your cum as web to climb a wall.
I gave her a massive load and she spiderman'd up my wall.
by Busta Hymen June 10, 2008

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