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Def. 1: When a man ejaculates into a spider monkey's hand and proceeds to throw the jizz it into his partner's face.

Def. 2: When a man ejaculates into a spider money's hand and throws the monkey at his partner.
Spider Monkey all on that hoe, watch me jizz and watch me throw
by TAAE July 26, 2008
38 65
When a guy is doing a girl doggy style and he almost has to stand cause the girl is so tall. kind of crouched behind her in a squat postion thrusting hard and fast( like a spider monkey)
Keegan was spider monkey they tall girl almara so ahrd last night
by ridetherockittt November 07, 2007
22 53
The act of positioning ones arms between their legs and thrusting towards the ground shrieking loudly like a spider monkey.
Tom came home after an exhausting spider monkey with Sherry. Then sherry came home and Tom grundel thundered her (look up grundle thunder)
by Wagner/ Thrasher May 04, 2006
24 66
the name given to Rob in our customer service department for his freakish athletic abilities.
Look, Spider Monkey's out of control!
by June 20, 2004
44 103
a kid or baby that iz 50% or 100% black
ohhh so im guessing your pregnant with a spider monkey since the daddys black
by white0girl087 July 05, 2006
19 113
Dot, towel head, Swami, Curry Smellin motherfucker..
That spider monkey smells like shit again Gus !
by Tom Callinan April 24, 2003
13 115