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A badass creature in Minecraft, the Spider Jockey is a Skeletal Archer literally riding on one of those giant Spiders. Luckily, the are no Cave Spider Jockeys as Beta 1.8 of the game.
Player 1: Is that skeleton riding a spider?
Player 2: Yeah, it is... RUN!
Player 1: What? Why?
Player 2: Do you know how hard one of those is?
Player 1: Pretty easy: I'll just kill it with my diamond sword.
Player 2: Go on the wiki and search Spider Jockey.
Player 1: What ev... Urrrggghhh.
by LukeMCFC 141 October 14, 2011
minecraft a skeleton that rides a spider... have fun!!!!!
spiderjockey + mincraft player = OMFG!!!!!! FMLl... FML... FML... FML... FML...
by random guy who plays minecraft January 03, 2012