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A variation of the Turkery Twizzler.

The act in which the male or female with a strap on, points the shaft upwards vertically while lying down. The partner, male or female, then proceeds to "sit" on the shaft - with it in the anus. Then while the person lying down stays still, the person riding the shaft proceeds to spin around almost in a breakdance type fashion. Except this time while the partner spins around on the shaft, they defecate and liquid shite is spread all over the partner's scrotum and abdomen.
"My girl loves a spicy turkey twizzler, i sincerely do not. Don't worry, i'll serve her a nice hot lunch tomorrow as a gift of my appreciation"

"I got a spicy turkey twizzler yesterday, my boyfriend still smells of... um... spices."
by Pigeon on a Microscooter November 16, 2011
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