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A Newport cigarette. Typically used in a deragotory manner to describe the group of people smoking them. "Niggerette" may also be used.
"Hey, man lemme get a stoge."
"You like Newports?"
"Fuck those Spicsticks".
by ARandomHeretic August 09, 2006
10 16
Usually a name given to the side burns of hispanics, typically Puerto Ricans, where the side burn comes down below the ear into a point.
Guy: Why cant you be normal and grow regular sideburns.
P.R.: Because I'm Puerto Rican, we all think we are hot with our spic sticks.
by DJ Red September 13, 2007
81 16
A mop, broom, or other similar cleaning utensil
Hey Maria, go grab the fucking spic stick and clean this shit up!
by Captain Awesom Douche Cunt December 07, 2007
7 10
A stick in which you use to beat the living shit out of white fags that live in boise and kuna idaho
Hey use that spic stick to beat the shit out of keagen and taelor
by unholyjuggalo2 May 13, 2010
3 10
A term for any kind of cheap or disgusting cigarettes that is popular among greasers.
"The store was robbed by mexicans"

"that's horrible!"

"Not really, all they took was a couple packs of spic sticks"
by Voltaire Rico January 17, 2007
16 44