Evil heartless person who abuse animals by neglecting to give them medical care and starving them while they live in their own feces and urine. A Spicer can also collect money from the public claiming it will be used to care for animals rescued.

AKA: A liar.

AKA: A criminal, who spends more time in court then out of it.

A Spicer also uses themself in sentences as a third party, instead of saying me or I, they can say "we" or "us" in hopes of intimidating others to think there are more people involved and not appear like a single unit.
A Spicer will threaten to sue anyone and everyone, when in reality they are already in hot water and in jail or court.
A wacko.

How many "I's" are in Tedi?
None, because she always makes it "Us" or "We".
Oh my! That man just did a Spicer and punched that poor dog in the head just punched that dog and pulled a Spicer.

How can you tell when a spicer is lying?
Their mouth is moving.

I just lost a hundred dollars by a scam. I was spicered.
by BEEEEAST March 14, 2011
pronounciation: /spice-er/

most common definition is A

A.someone that brings life and laughter to a party or a group of people

B.someone energetic

C.Someone that is funny or fun to be around
OMG shes coming ,shes such a spicer!

No way you invited the spicers,they rock!

What a spicer!

The spiceys are on their way!

singular: spicer

pronounced: /spice-er/

group of two spicer people: spicers


group of spicers: spiceys

pronounced: /spice-ies/
by Shauntel S. May 09, 2011
a word for some one who smokes spice, as much as a pot head smokes pot.
...That kids a spicer.
by Albeon August 13, 2010
A marijuana enthuasiast.
"Wanna light up?"
"Why, you little spicer."
by Ben Frey December 01, 2005

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