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Found as a nickname of a MS-13 Gang Member arrested in Nashville, one of the 13 busted on January 11, 2006. These wonderful MS-13 Nicknames include:
“Diablin”, “Chito”, “Lil Homie”, “Psycho”, “Joker, a/k/a “Choey”, “Silent”, “Spanky”, “Cuervo”, “Smokey”, “Spia”, “Shorty”, “Rata” and “Liche”.

Spia isn't defined yet, so I guess, given the company he keeps, this term 'spia' is related to 'spittle' or maybe 'soap' (what his father should have used instead of his mother...)
"Yo, Lil' Homie, don't pick up the spia when you're in the prison shower, or you might feel like you did when spanky got too much cuervo! Ha Ha, spia from the shorty!"
by serr8d January 20, 2007
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