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A woman who becomes pregnant by raping a man.
Dave, "mate, you know that woman who raped me 9 months ago."
Mike, "Yeah, why did you just bring it up?"
Dave,"I saw her with a kid that looks a bit like a younger me."
Mike,"She's a sperm burglar!"
by Lukethesod September 16, 2008
A person who is so adept at sex or blowjobs, the recipient of their talents contracts temporary amnesia. Therefore providing the illusion of their sperm being stolen.
"Dude, this girl gave me the most insane blowjob last night. I passed out and couldn't remember my name, she's a total spermburglar."
by calysto September 12, 2011
referring to an individual who is adept at obtaining semen, especially in the anal or oral cavitities.
your mom is a spermburglar, and so is your little sister. oh yeah, and your dad too (he swings both ways)
by cd December 09, 2003
one who steals sperm by keystering.
That Brian Bates is a sperm burglar,faggoty ass mother f*$#er.
by Bitchen Clyde January 16, 2004
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