Meg Griffin.
Many men empty their sperm in Meg Griffin because she is a sperm dumpster.
by JamesCondina June 17, 2009
Top Definition
A loose or slutty female whom has fucked a handful of your buddies, and quite possibly you as well. Said female is generally known by your friends as tramp.
"Ya, you're right, man. She is a total Sperm Dumpster. I can't believe she cheated on you with 2 guys!"
by Z the man W January 01, 2009
A guy/girl who gets used as a cum receptacle for another man's jizz. Usually will be the recipient of anal sex administered by their dad or cousin. Someone who loves sperm.
Vitale became Red's sperm dumpster after the girl kicked him to the curb.

Vitale, Get the fuck out from in front of my new car you fat sperm dumpster i wouldnt let you ride in it if you paid me.
by trasmania June 12, 2008
Spermdumpster, a person slash slut you can call up and used explicitly for blowjobs, and not have a relationship with. Enjoys sucking cock, swallowing, and facials.
Spermdumpster, Facials, Swallowing, Blowjobs, Ejaculation, Bukkake
by J.R.S. January 02, 2007
A woman that is very easy to sleep with. A woman that has sex with anything that has a penis and a heart beat. Also see slut.
I needed some punani so I nailed that sperm dumpster Jessica.
by Kev23 August 29, 2005
a female that is so desperate for males to like her that she will have sex with any one even if she doesn't mean much to the male
That girl is such a sperm dumpster, she will do it with any guy.
by Snoopxc August 22, 2005
A person (either a female or a gay man) that is very ugly. No one wants them for anything else but sex and people just dump their sperm into them and then kick their ugly ass to the curb.
Sitting at a stop ugly bitch walks out in front of your car... "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY YOU FUCKING SPERM DUMPSTER!"
by waKtheSak July 27, 2006
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