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-Plural form of the past-tense word "spend" (spent)+(s)

-Spents are the things you have "SPENT" your money on. These things are generally expensive (but not always) or they can be nearly priceless things.
*Girl returns home from shopping*
Dude: "Damn! Girl you look fine in them jeans. Nice spents, I'm digging the new clothes."

Dude 1: "You see Chad's new whip? Shit was expensive with all the custom work I hear."
Dude 2: "Let's go check out Chad's spents I bet I could beat him in a race."
Dude 1: "Haha, no way.
by JBushdawg July 21, 2010
When that idiot at the party is pretending to drink, but some how or another you see them spilling there drink at every chance they get.
Derek spent his whole beer out, when he thougth no one was looking.
by Awilson339 February 09, 2008
When you're done shooting your load.
Damn Brian, how can you be spent in 5 motherfuckin seconds?
by Notadrood April 01, 2003
Past-tense for "spend"
I wanted to spend some money, but I remembered that I spent it on Cindy.

i spent the money on cindy, so i couldnt spend it.
by Taiksays April 28, 2007
Means gone "outta here"
On my way out of the door I yelled "I'm spent".
by texdeepdrill January 26, 2007
somebody send u off.
she said it was a party tonight, so we went and got spent.
by Pretti_girl07 February 17, 2005
Done in; through. Usually because of age.
John's ass is fuckin' spent.
by Modge October 12, 2003