SPEGG is what you get when you combine five fifferent dress styles into one. I.E. skater, punk, emo, grunge, and goth. (taking accesories or articles of clothing from each of the different styles and combining them into one uniqe look)
(Friend 1) "Dude what do you call that?"
(Friend 2) "What do you call what?"
(Friend 1) "The way your dressed."
(Friend 2) "Oh! Its my new look. I call it SPEGG."
(Friend 1) "What does that mean?"
(Friend 2) "It stands for skater, punk, emo, grunge, and goth. I just combined all the styles that i liked into one. Cool huh?"
by L0rd Dr3z3n July 10, 2009
Top Definition
A sperm and an egg combined. It can be used to replace the words Zygote, Embryo, or "unborn baby".
Man to pregnant lady: "Hey, how's the Spegg doing?"
Pregnant Lady: "Good, its due next month."
by Javey G. June 04, 2009
On the site rotteneggs.com, a spegg, is a egg that is spam. An egg is a little tutorial on that site, such as how to do certain stuff.
ZOMG! 1nfections new egg is a spegg! ebil: DROP!
by 1nfection December 27, 2006
Spegg is a term used to describe two foods... a Spud and an Egg. When joining the two foods it becomes known as 'Spegg'
I had Spegg in my sarnie
by jenna January 14, 2004
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