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A Lancashire (particularly Blackburn) term for Chewing Gum.
Do you want some speg?
by hazrovers June 21, 2007
A made-up kind of hyperactive drug that makes people go crazy, especially during lunch time around a group of friends.
1. Lindsay was apalled by Hanna's behavior at lunch, but later found out that it was from her use of speg.

2. Lauren gave Hanna the bag of speg for a low price of $100.

3. Sarah tried counseling Lauren and Hanna to get them off their addiction to speg.
by Lauren and Hanna May 30, 2007
Dried spunk, AKA semen.
That dirty skank's got speg in her hair.
by Horny Rob December 19, 2004
to hit or be hit by an object
"man i got spegged in the face with that rock dude!!!!"
by john amenta April 13, 2004