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Like schpeel only spelled like this!
"I am going to tell you the whole speel"
by Juju bee April 02, 2008
31 17
The name given to the abuse of the english language me and Dill perform in our daily conversations.
"I can speel!" - Dill
by Dill's biggest fan September 05, 2004
19 21
the way monesita spells sleep
nite i'm going to speel now
by mikeywtf October 16, 2010
6 9
A type of pelvic thrust used during sexual intercourse.
Also a type of cast in fishing.
"Dude i had the greatest speel ever last night!"
by Bigdawgggggg April 17, 2009
9 22
Really cool, also used if you are sick of the word "cool"
That purse is so speel
by KH February 26, 2003
5 22