a girl who walks quickly by you glaring into the floor; someone who you wronged
When I was going downstairs to class speedy ran past me; almost knocked me down.
by Dixon O'Haire December 08, 2005
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Make shift cab, cheaper, but also much, much more sketch. Common around the Niagara region in Southern Ontario
We didn't have enough money after getting our 40's, so we had to take a speedy to the party, man was the driver crazy.

by m2L June 17, 2006
A person who ejaculates very immaturely. Almost as if just the touch of a women causes them to squirt man goo all over.
Jordan nutted after only 2 minutes.
by taeeh February 12, 2003
One Of Great Acceleration
Wow, the anti-christ is speedy
by Kayvon December 20, 2004
A lovable character of a slow, sleepy and greedy disposition. Notoriously unable to respond quickly to all forms of communication and is often dictated to by Cyril.
Sorry for my speedy reply, i was visiting the hub and couldn't take my phone!
by MGQ - weaves February 18, 2010
refers to low quality drugs, usually cocaine, that have been cut with speed to lower the price.
"Yo that shit you cop on da east coast is shit, it gets you all speedy yo. Its bad for you."
"Oh. I only really do cocaine like once a year..."
by toheatabove50C(122F) March 04, 2012
Irish slang term for a Garda (Cop) on a Motorcycle.
Mainly used in the southern County of Cork.
Be wide, theres a speedy comin' up behind us.....
by Dark-one February 24, 2009

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