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When one combines a can of classic Coca-Cola with 3-4 teaspoons of instant coffee.
Crack Fiend: You got any of that crack?

You: No, but I can make you a Speedy Gonzalez.
by Quigonzo February 08, 2012
8 0
<< Oops! Looks like you misspelled Speedy Gonzales. >>

"He is my cousin; and, he is only the fastest mouse in all
of Mexico. No! In all of the world."--Slowpoke Rodriquez
SPEEDY GONZALEZ (sic): "Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale! Vamos, ahora muchachos y gauchos."

"...The League of United Latin American Citizens argued that SPEEDY's cleverness and personality was a positive depiction of Mexicans.
-- Wikipedia
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When you find a prostitute and you want to hurry and get off as soon as possible. Possibly because your wife or girlfriend will be there soon.
Man, I found this streetwalker whore that didn't look half bad, unfortunately, I had to hit her with the speedy gonzalez because my bitch was coming through. I would have taken my time otherwise.
by Da Real J-Bone June 28, 2006
6 17