One who can get tickets to a Yankees game but has to go to texas to see the game, because he/she did not see if the game was home or away.
Jay V at salve university.
by jay the bookie May 01, 2003
special ed; mentally challenged
My good friend Caitlin Storch.
by Nate January 18, 2005
A faggoty way to say "retarded". Originated when two guys were creaming each other's throats. One of them choked, and vomited cum all over the floor. It looked like the letters "SPED". So, like the dumbasses they were, they made a term almost as stupid as them.
"I am a fucking moron. I use the term sped."
by Bainemo April 14, 2005
Marisa Astiz!
Maris is a sped.
by Not A. Prude January 28, 2004
dumb techer
miss savage is a sped

dylan is a sped
by codking123 June 14, 2016
Short for special ed. A more polite way of calling someone a fucking retard.
Michael is a sped.
by taintsniffer July 14, 2016
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