Stands for strategically placed ethnic diversity. You would say sped if there is a group of people if there are 2 or more races in it.
Look over there at those people! SPED!!,
by basementhippo October 11, 2011
Noun, 1.derrived from Special ed
to mean someone who is ditzy or idiotic

can be used in multiple was and also as an adjective
1. Jessica Simpson is such a sped
2. The car door is broken, its sped
3. Don't be spedly, you know the answer
by Ashley March 15, 2004
One who attends special education classes or is special.
Example: Kevin Hanney - complete s.p.e.d.
by KevinHanney May 01, 2011
Smoke Pot Every Day - a person who smokes pot everyday!
"WOW!! Man, i m such a sped!"
by klis777 March 07, 2007
some one who is very clumbsy and is in special ed.
oh my god u sped u just knocked down that box of clothes.
by frawlss. January 08, 2007
Term given to both a mentally disabled person and an individual you find to be stupid - both usually seen individually or in packs drooling all over themselves and making various grunting sounds and shuffling motions. Read also retard
'Whoa look at that disgusting retard dribbling all over the place!' 'Man that's just Kev - he's probably munted again - what a sped!'
by R Yenarg August 01, 2005
Short for "special education", a slang term used to degrade another person and call them stupid, or moronic. Most commonly used when describing punk music artists
Dude he's such a f***in' sped!
by Roofus March 20, 2005

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