abbreviation of 'special ed' which originates from a legend of a person named ed collette, who was apparently so retarded that when the world's greatest and most renowned english scholars gathered for their annual meeting, they first decided to make 'sped' a real word in recognition of this unique person, then, with this first bit of business done, went on to add shakespeare to the high school curriculum and other such matters of less significant importance
"that guy who stands there drooling all day is a sped"
"only a sped would fail their grade 3 trombone exam"
"George Bush is a sped"
by faggoty anne September 17, 2007
Special Education
by FJ Fulhern October 23, 2003
In North America, special education is commonly abbreviated as special ed, SpecEd, SPED, or SpEd in a professional context.
Also used in a derogatory way by ignorant people who think its a bad word, but its really not.
The SPED department busses are running late today.
by stanstan123 February 23, 2011
1. An offensive term against autistic kids.

2. Kids who are in special ed.

3. Kids that ride the short bus.

4. Retarded, Brain Dead

5. People who acts retarded. Enhancing # 3

6. Kids with mental disabilities

7. Autistic kids in wheelchairs.
Damn I though this kid wouldn't get a real girlfriend only a sped one.

You All Are nothing but a bunch of sped's that have no lives.

Fuck off, You Sped!!
by TheJMaster06 August 19, 2008
Special Education
Gradins children go to sped!
by kg23 March 23, 2003
Special-ed, someone who asks retarded questions, someone who doesn't shut the fuck up.
98% of the people in Mr. Paul's Period 7 are speds.
by Ey Peterson December 13, 2007
Litterally "special eductation" Usually used to describe someone when they are acting retarded.
"Man, did you hear what he said yesterday?"

"Ah shit man, I don't care-he's such a sped."
by notsodumbblonde December 03, 2006

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