S.P.E.D. is collection of individuals based out of an undisclosed location in the western portion of the Chicagoland area. S.P.E.D. is commonly known for its diversity, and has members of Taiwanese, African American, Indian, and Pakistani descent. It is comprised of many versatile individuals pursuing careers in Law, Medicine, Finance and other fields, as well as degenerate members pursuing nothing in particular. This can often be misleading, although, as any given member is willing to throw down for s.p.e.d. They can typically be found rolling approx 30 deep at any given moment, and frequently enjoy parking lot pimpin'.
damn, s.p.e.d. is the shit.
by S.P.E.D. April 21, 2009
Top Definition
1. One who attends special education classes.
2. The special education program.
3. An insult used when someone does something stupid.
1. "He is a sped."
2.a "She is in sped ed."
2.b "She is in sped."
3. "Darren you are such a sped."
by Dana M. October 24, 2003
a derogatory term meaning retard. comes from the phrase special education

may also be used as sped sled, meaning the short little school buses all the special ed kids ride on
Oh my god, I'm such a sped. I just spelled my own name wrong.
by Ambs January 26, 2004
The term sped is used for someone who is in the special education program.
by danamiche November 06, 2003
"Sped" is a second form of retard. It's is pretty commonly used but it is also really offensive toward "special" people. Often used in conjunction with retard.
"You sped! You are the biggest retard ever, can't you even open the door???"
by suburban_princess June 17, 2006
Short for special ed.
Dude, you're sped, don't talk to me.
by Z Court December 09, 2003
1. A term for a kid who was put in special education classes.

2. A mean word to use to describe someone whos slow or has special needs.
People called me sped, it's not funy word to use.
by sonny vitale the 3 January 13, 2008
A term for people who aren't retarded but act liek they are.
Half the people at West Nottingham Academy are fucking speds.
by tyguy101a October 20, 2004

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