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Leader of the Speciou5 fan club at the guildhall fansite. IRC guru who hates anime and emo music genre. Avid Guild Wars Fan and currently not in a guild wars guild.
<Speciou5> Wait a minute, those aren't pants
by Spec devotee April 19, 2005
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A particular entity within "Guild Wars IRC chat" that uses this pseudonym to disguise a reality of homosexual tendencies towards paraplegic midgets (aka "Little People that are differently limbed").
See Also: He-bitch, Man-whore, Goatse
14:23 <Speciou5> I like to fondle my man-boobs.
by Guildhall April 19, 2005
Someone vanquisher hearts.
Vanquisher hearts Speciou5
by wanky April 19, 2005
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