The ultimate fighting force. Use sparingly.
Is there someway to get away from the cops? SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!!!!
by mephisto May 28, 2003
Top Definition
1. A special attack that was originally used by Piccolo in "Dragon Balls Z", it is an attack where a beam is shot from the index and the middle finger and shoots in an straight motion. When shot, you must say "SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!" and aim your index and middle finger tawords the target.
*fires epically*

Raditz: AUGH!
by SolidSnake123 December 06, 2009
special beam cannon = fingering. when piccolo does it he sticks two fingers on his forehead, similar to the way you would use them when pleasuring a girl.
dude, I special beam cannon'd emily. dont tell anyone though. wanna smell my fingers?
by BroderdickStadden March 27, 2007
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