Euphemism for wanting to recieve anal sex from someone ie. speak to someone.
She wanted to speak greek for him.
by nick April 13, 2005
Speak is a derogatory term to refer to people either from Puerto Rico or of puertorican decendency or puertorican etnicity. It was first introduced in the 50's in the korean war when white american soldiers and hispanic puertorican soldiers coudlnt understand each other because of the language difference so white men started to reffer to puertorican soldiers as "speak" and also when the puertorican comunity began to emmigrate to the bronx, queens & brooklyn boroughs of new york ( largely the south bronx) they didnt know enlglish so white ppl began calling them "speak". "speak" can be largely compared to the definition of the word "nigger" used in the old days to reffer to african americans.
"hey you"
"sorry me no speak english"
"ha another "speak!"
by brooklynn's finest March 24, 2006
snitch niggaz
du ova here he know how to speak
by ra August 13, 2003
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