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1) The greatest day of all time! An affront to all other lesser days ie: Christmas, Easter, Lent etc, A fist in the face of Commercial gift culture.
A Celebration of the Spatula!

2) A celebration invented in Perth, Western Australia, in 1993, by B.Lombardo, A.Raspa, P.Parkinson, R Cechner, B.Nelson and others as an excuse to have a party.
Highly influenced by the movie "Vidiot from UHF"

Is celebrated on the 3rd day of September every year or on the closest weekend after the date.

The only enforced rule is that spatulas (also falsely refereed to as egg-flips) are given as gifts and all who wish to attend must possess at least one spatula at all times during the event.

Other rituals enacted at Spatula Day parties are:
There should be a fire of some kind, preferably a large bonfire, hotter than the sun
Spatula shaped cakes should be present for all to eat
If you leave before 3am you are a piker
There should be a Spatula Olympics of somekind, incorporating a Spatula beauty pageant.
"Wooooooo!! Spatula Day" yells Kimberly.
The other employees look at her strangely.
by Ben C L May 31, 2005
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