Being overly excited at the point of ejaculation.
1) YO! When dude finally gets laid he's gonna be like spartans!

2) Man it felt so good and I was so happy to be getting laid I screamed out "spartansssss" just as I came.
by Truey January 20, 2009
Referencing Frank Millers '300', an elite class of greek soldiers, who tend to pwn persians. Consisted of super hardcore people such as Jason Statham, Bear Grylls, and Chuck Norris. Like to kick people down giant pits
Spartan- THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!! *kick down a pit*
by that super cool guy January 11, 2009
someone who thinks they are living the film 300 in their everyday lives. they often focus on bodybuilding and making sure their bodies are healthy in an effort to hide a small penis. enjoys masturbation and discussing it in groups
im a spartan i crack one off on the hour every hour
by Spaaaartan May 13, 2008
An inconsistent and underachieving football team from East Lansing, Michigan. They are marked by a mascot with a giant head and an inferiority complex expressed through their hatred for the University of Michigan. A typical spartan will jeer and trash-talk before the Michigan-MSU game and, win or lose, burn a couch or two; riot; and trash-talk after the game.

The females of the species can be identified by a pleasing-to-the-eye countenance, but a very limited vocabulary and understanding of basic social skills. The males are unkempt, wearing either school colors (white and green) or t-shirts bearing cartoon images of large-breasted women and drunk men peeing. They generally smell of alcohol and have difficulty forming complete sentences.
MSU fan: "Michigan sucks, dude!"
Michigan fan: "But Michigan just beat the spartans convincingly."
MSU fan: "Yeah, but Michigan still sucks, dude!"
Michigan fan: "The spartan coaching staff did not make adequate in-game adjustments to Michigan's running game."
MSU fan: "Whatever dude. Michigan sucks and I'm burning a couch."
Michigan fan: *shakes head and walks away dumbfounded*
by sec fan October 05, 2005
An individual marked by homosexual tendencies. Although not blatantly homosexual, the individual nonetheless exhibits some of the qualities to be found in a metrosexual.
Guy 1: "Whatcha drinking, Josh?"
Josh: "A Vanilla Stoli White Russian with Frangelico..."
Guy 1: "Oh, man, that's good."

Guy 2, aside: "Spartans."
by El Toro December 03, 2005

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