someone who thinks they are living the film 300 in their everyday lives. they often focus on bodybuilding and making sure their bodies are healthy in an effort to hide a small penis. enjoys masturbation and discussing it in groups
im a spartan i crack one off on the hour every hour
by Spaaaartan May 13, 2008
A drinking game much like a centurion where the player must drink 300 shots in 300 minutes (one per minute). Any drink can be used but beer or similar percentage alcohol is advised. Whoever can finish without throwing up earns the title spartan, this title can stick with the player forever and be similar in stature to an O.B.E. The player can then add spartan as a suffix to their name eg(John Smith, Spartan).
Bob: Why did you miss lectures today?
Tim: I Did a Spartan last night
Bob: So your the cunt who drank my crate of beer!!
Tim: Thats no way to talk to a Spartan!
Bob: Sorry Tim
by fandango8 March 05, 2008
Someone is is extremely badass to the point that it is almost funny. They lack a manline and are so chiseled that it looks fake.
Tiffany is such a fuckin Spartan!
by shelovessomeone August 30, 2007
A spartan is another term used for a junior soldier in the british army with his or her service number beginning with 300... these individuals usually contain superior fighting skills, transgender mind powers and the physique a jedi would crave to have, they are usually deployed in far regions such as Afghanistan and their bravery is typical in the company that they keep.
SSM: Service number?

Tom: Spartan 46088

SSM: ...What??!!

Tom: Sorry Sir, 30046088
by Sierra Papa LASH August 04, 2010
Being overly excited at the point of ejaculation.
1) YO! When dude finally gets laid he's gonna be like spartans!

2) Man it felt so good and I was so happy to be getting laid I screamed out "spartansssss" just as I came.
by Truey January 20, 2009
when an incident of absolute awesomeness occurs right before your very eyes
bob: yo did you see the queen headbutt tony blair?
geldof: no i missed that!
bob: man that was spartan!
geldof: i need a poo
by leebay April 17, 2007
sexy; beyond sexy; total eye candy; genetic perfection
wow he/she is spartan
dammn he/she was spartan
whoa! spartan over there!
by lililili December 25, 2006
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