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After you have sex with an albino girl, she smiles and you wipe your cum on her teeth so they gleam in the sun light.
Someone please post a pic of an A&W cream soda can if you can't actually perform one. Albino girls are rare treasures. The porn for them is practically nonexistant. Even more so than midget.
by Karate Jesus December 07, 2004
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The first definition is bullshit! A Sparkling Vanilla is when you have sex with an albino girl and she gets really sweaty. It has nothing to do with cum. If you rewatch The Demented Porn movie you'll hear the sex ed prof explain it.

Cream soda has nothing to do with it either.
*german accent* As you can see Chris and Carmen have just performed the Sparkling Vanilla. No you can see where the name comes from ja??
by CamaCamaCamaCamaCameleooon January 19, 2006
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