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An alcoholic beverage consisting of a tumbler of Champagne with a shot of jagermeister dropped into to.
As a substitute for Champagne, white wine and sparkling water can also be used.
The bar staff of Liverpool, Newcastle and Edinburgh are well aware of this drink.
This drink was created and popularised during aridonkulous stag-do
With the whip, Didier bought 12 sparkle bombs.

Beaut A - What the hell is that drink?
Beaut B - It's only a bloody sparkle bomb! See it off immediately.

Sparkle bombs are a ridonkulous invention
by jakeymant March 02, 2012
result of being struck in the head by an object causing the injured to immediately see sparkles.
daniel yelled "sparkle bomb" just before hitting bob in the head with a tea cup filled with sugar.
by The other guys February 04, 2012
1:n. A mixture of Sparks and any other flavoured malt beverage. The original Sparkle Bomp was a combination of Sparks and Boones Farm Blue Hawaiian.
We are going to drink some Sparkle Bombs and eat churros tonight.
by Katbot, dfn_doe & Ickster January 14, 2005

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