An extremely good looking individual who posses all the top qualities women desire. Including but not limited to; charm, persistence, eyes for one woman, keeps promises, listens, great at cuddling.
Jenny: Hey who is that?

Sarah: That's S.Pants!

Jenny: OMG I want one so bad

Sarah: We all do!
by Mr Right Meow October 03, 2010
Long shorts six inches below the knee or longer. Too long to be shorts too short to be pants. Comfterble. Not Capris! More baggy.
These spants are so thugin. Quit hateing.
by Kevin reyes Alvarodo September 23, 2007
Long shorts that extend below the knee, combined with knee high socks, commonly seen worn by street gangs.
Dude,you're spants are kickin!!
by Ohnine June 27, 2006
A cross between shorts and pants. 3/4 length shorts.
My, your spants are quite "core" today.
by John T. Boruff May 13, 2004
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