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The female version of the insulting word spanner. Comes from a mixture of spanner and fanny.
"Stop playing with the bouncy ball you spanny, you're 24 for crying out loud!"
by kezuke May 30, 2007
A cross bewteen the words Spanner and Spazzy- both meaning mental head-cases. The word is used in a jokey way between friends when someone does or says something stupid.
Jules: "are the clouds in front of the moon?"
Tom: "are you being serious?! you're such a spanny!! hahaha"
by YorkeyP May 19, 2007
Slang term for multi-colored spandex reaching slightly below the knee. Many would deem them similar to those worn in the 80's by primordial cyclists.
"Yo gurl, dem spannies be lookin' Tizight!"
"Tanx ho. I can't nearly walk cuz mah spanny be ridin' up mah trunk."
by Creston W March 19, 2008
A group of dirty mexican immigrants who attempt to swim across a river, jump a barbed wire fence, and attempt to make a decent living roofing houses. They are also known to compare english assignments often - "eyyyyy, how you doin', essay?"
What a bunch of spannies *points at a group of mexicans in an impala*
by kbwent June 23, 2009
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