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An event so great, it rivals being spanked in a sexual way...
"We had a spanktacular time last night"
by Tadracket July 02, 2009
2 2
If something is spectacular and involves spanking it's spanktacular.
Lat night was spanktacular.
by Penós Testiclé October 03, 2004
9 8
Spectacular with a kick, or in this case a spank!
I am in a good mood because I am having a spanktacular day!
by Talula Bell February 27, 2009
2 2
Something that is spectactular.
That is spanktacular! Spank you very much.
by prokewl September 25, 2006
3 3
An expression that describes something as spectacular but with a naughty twist.
That is a spanktacular shirt.
by Sorp October 04, 2006
3 4
(adj) used to describe a falure so complete that it is actually impressive enough to garner praise and or acolade
Leroy Jenkins famous solo attack against Onyxia was Spanktacular.
by Xdruid August 04, 2007
4 6