A mental collection of images or sequences, either remembered or imagined, used for quick reference in times where a certain kind of inspiration is required.
She's taking number one spot in the old spank bank tonight.
by pieman44 September 19, 2012
A Sperm Bank
She went to the spank bank to have a child.
by CowboyBeaux March 12, 2009
A sperm bank, a place for males to get 'free' money in exchange for sperm, thus spank and bank as in a financial institution
I need to go to the spank bank, I'm dead broke
by Anonyasfad April 07, 2008
A group of boys or girls you would want to "spank". When a person is in the spank bank they have no personality nor speech, just an ass. A nickname is a must.
Damn Snyder's looking fine, he just moved up to number one in my spank bank.
by iraassylaeitak May 19, 2006
A sperm bank.
"Dude, wanna make easy money?"
"Sure dude,"
"Dude, you gotta go down to the Soho Spank Bank, they pay every donor £20!"
"Sweet, I'm gonna become a millionaire!"
by Soiled Undergarment August 21, 2003
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