memories,thoughts or fantasy's you have about you having sex with someone or watching them have sex with someone else.
Most commonly used when trying to get yourself off.
Is my wife in your spankbank when your trying to get yourself off?
by Joe_Mac October 19, 2007
A mental collection of visual images one stores in ones mind to remember later for purposes of 'self pleasure' see: masturbation. Entered into the spank bank are an array of images of people (usually ones you want to bone) in either suggestive or totally non-sexual situations generally seen in real life.

Ie; a girl in a mini skit, a low cut top and/or heels/A girl waiting at a traffic light eating a lollipop. A girl bending over to pick up a coin. A girl at a club making out with another chick.

A guy doing push-ups at the gym. Guys at the office etc...
Nate: Damn! did you see that bitch eat that banana?

Matt: Hell yeah...she deep throated that shit!*...that's going in my spank bank.

Amber: guys are sick!
by urbanr0cker May 11, 2008
The magical bank in a persons head where one can save,deposit or withdraw memorable mental images*,usually with the intention of having an epic wanksterbate over them later.

*i.e: tittys and ass
A: "Yo,check out the mega miniskirt on the coca-cola rep,shes goin in the spankbank"
B: "yea i'll withdraw one later."
A: "Bro that girl over there got some big big tittys"
B: "Yea dude i made a deposit into the spank bank like 8 miniutes ago."
by StringsUp300 April 07, 2008
The part of the brain where the male mind stores images for later self-gratification.
One guy: "You see that honey's booty?"
Second Guy: "Yep! It's goin' in the spank bank."
by CleverinDenver March 12, 2009
It's just a bank full of disgusting thoughts for rubbin one out.
Billy: Dude this girl showed me her perfect massive tits this weekdend.
Zac: Did you put that image in the spank bank?
Billy:Yeah dude I'm gonna rub one out later to it via spank bank.
by laflamablanca November 18, 2010

1. A collection of visuals that one stores in their memory for future self satisfying purposes (i.e. nipslips, cleavage, thongs)
2. The mental file of all the times one has had sex.
1. Did you see her ass? Ya, I'm totally putting that in the spank bank.
2. Last night I had sex with Lisa, another deposit in the spank bank.
by AllYouNeedToKnow February 05, 2014
the images, videos, memories, etc. used for a happy healthy session of masterbation.
It had been a few weeks since he had had sex, so he felt it necessary to get out the spank bank and jerk off happily.
by Weapons of Mass Seduction March 10, 2009

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