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Someone who's life has been consumed by internet porn, and they spend all their time beating off in front of the computer.
Tommy turned into a spank monkey when his family got high speed internet service.
by Willey P September 08, 2007
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A frenzied practitioner of consensual BDSM involving repetitive blows ("spanks") rained down upon the voluntarily uplifted bottom. By extension, someone who can't stop talking about this hobby.
Suzeemoon much enjoyed being disciplined by her Cariad using well-judged slaps upon her gluteus maxima - in fact, she was an incorrigible Spank Monkey.
by NickCosmoSonde August 09, 2008
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A Spankmonkey is a creature which requires or needs to be spanked due to its incredible stupidity. These 'things' are often 'caring' for, or are in the 'care' of fucktardsGloidsormongs Residential Social Worker = Spankmonkey..stero-typically speaking. Not all RSW's are Spankmonkeys but those that aren't Spankmonkeys are rare and seldom observed in public. These are often refered to as 'Doctor'.
Well rare mate! I spoke to an RSW today and she wasn't a Spankmonkey! Must be a trainee Doctor!
by Mr Henderson Smith February 13, 2009
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