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A sperm bank, a place for males to get 'free' money in exchange for sperm, thus spank and bank as in a financial institution
I need to go to the spank bank, I'm dead broke
by Anonyasfad April 07, 2008
1. A memorable collection of mental images that one wishes to retain for master debational purposes.
2. Porn collection
1."yo, 2 o'clock, see that thong?" "yeah, that's going in the spank bank"
by rich, happy, soul-less, robot January 26, 2004
Memories of women OR men kept for use in masturbatory fantasies.
Did you see his chest in that shirt? I'll store that one in my spank bank
by Quizzle November 17, 2003
the collection of images, thoughts, dreams, and desires one conjures to heighten arousal in order to achieve climax; In regards to Self Gratification/Masturbation
I went home last night and pulled one from the spank bank to get off
by cooter March 07, 2003
The catalog of women in one's mind one uses to masturbate to. see Masturbaceous
Damn that bitch is fine, I'm definately going to add her to my spank bank.
by netteach March 14, 2003
a place where an attractive person is held in the mind for later masterbation.
the chick is going into my spank bank
by digiala April 07, 2006
Noun. A zoo of images one creates in his or her mind in order to be withdrawn at a later date to be used as assisistance while pounding one out. The bank is only temporary storage and is inferior in many ways to the cellular phone camera.

See mental picture.
Damn I hope the spank bank is open on sundays because I'm makin' a deposit!
by kjcw September 24, 2006
memories,thoughts or fantasy's you have about you having sex with someone or watching them have sex with someone else.
Most commonly used when trying to get yourself off.
Is my wife in your spankbank when your trying to get yourself off?
by Joe_Mac October 19, 2007