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This creature is incapable of growing its own teeth and relies on a health insurance plan to acquire a pair, Defying the natural laws of physics and most health policies this creature can reach speeds of up to mach2 after takeoff, it uses this to its advantage to constantly clean a nest, and sometimes uses its speed for tactical espionage missions which it then uses to blackmail you into submission. Resistance is futile, This stubborn creature refuses to see, or hear. After many years of training you can just then begin to domesticate this beast. It can be identified by its high-frequency calls (See 'YAH!') which it uses to see, much like a bat. It also uses these screeches as a signal for takeoff, as well as to atract mates. (see 'pepito') It usually wears a staind moomoo and folds its wings into a praying position while muttering what seem like warcries, while in this state this creature will sometimes be found laying in a fetal position. It shuffles its claws while walking as well. This 'thing' is a force to be reconed with.
While trying to steal a bag of chips from publix, The manager released his sentinal beast upon me, the feared 'Spaniard-cubanius oldus grandmadios'.
by Mung August 02, 2003
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