People with ancestors from spain. They are light white skinned, usually have dark hair and blue, green, or grey eyes. They are very athletic and fit. Spaniards are part Erupeon. Bieng a Spaniard is not an insult. Some people think since someone knows some spanish then they are mexican, but think thats wierd that they dont have the tanned skin, thats because they are spaniards. Unless, a wierd kid thinks everyone who comes out of spanish class is a mexican then claims they are all mexicans. The mentally challenged kid doesnt know anything.
Spaniards are from spain. Sometimes people don't know what someone from spain is called so they just call them spanish.
#spaniards #spainiard #spain #mexican #language #athletic #white #light #skin #green #blue #grey #eyes
by MynameisLemons August 11, 2007
Spanish people who invaded the American part, (today called the United States) in the A.D. 1565.
Ugha Ugh! Run to the hills!!1!1 The spaniards are comming!
by Hektor Bender May 24, 2004
An epxression of suprise and annoyance at an unforseen occurence. Usually unrelated to the prescence of Hispanic people.
Spaniards! What the fuck's going on here boys?
by Pollock March 04, 2003
The term "Spaniard" is a term used by snobby Mexicans to describe a rich Mexican, an educated Mexican, or a Mexican that owns a business.
Welcome to Pepperdine Mr. Garcia, what part of Mexico is your family from? Actually I am a Spaniard and my family is from Barcelona.
#spaniard #mexican #snobby #educated #rich
by bigdad39ico July 21, 2009
Anyone of the Spanish descent, including all countries in South and central America except Brazil. Usually their excessive 100 words-per-second, also clarified as the "Ring-a-ding-ding-ding-ding", can be easily associated to a Spaniard.
Where are you from, Ecuador?
Okay. You're a Spaniard.

Okay, Spaniard, enough with the "ring-a-ding-ding-ding-ding" words per second. Speak English.
#spaniard #ring #a #ding #spanish
by AntonioLopezdeSantaAnna November 18, 2010
A person from Spain who can never shut up or at least talk quietly.
The male is a mix of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza: he is obsessed with food and sees the world as it best suits his ego. Intellectual honesty, reason and empiricism are alien concepts to him. He enjoys ham, alcohol, and domestic violence.
The female is much like the male although unsurprisingly she does not enjoy domestic violence. Female Spaniards are also fantastic in bed, if and when they stop talking.
Both sexes are ferociously proud of what Spain has given to the world, even if it is only the one book.
The non-Spaniard is the centre of his mother's world; the Spaniard is the centre of the world.
How does a Spaniard commit suicide? He jumps from his ego.
Look at all the Spaniards who have given the thumbs-down to this definition.
#spain #spanish #spic #latino #hispanic
by ayayay April 06, 2008
To be an overlooked racist. Many spaniards are hard core haters, unfortunately. How many World Cups has all that pure blood got you, eh muchacho?
The spaniard goalkeeper Canizares just gave up another one. GOOOOAAAL NIGERIA!
#europe #racism #ancient #historical cultures #bombings #soccer
by deep inside jessica simpson September 04, 2006
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