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You dammm Spamzor go eat some spam spammer
by Ghost in the Shell March 20, 2003
A very poor person who has no friends.
You are a spamz0r! HAHAHAHAHAH!
by Hitman March 20, 2003
Puts his feet up on the table at lans, is quiet and listen's to rammstien
by Ghost in the Shell March 20, 2003
A very very cool thing/being
omg your sooo Spamz0r!
by err... not spamz0r.. May 04, 2003
One whom is one with the fucktards, see wordfucktardword
My god, your a spamzor
you bitch like spamzor
by Edo Him Self March 20, 2003
got PMS?
There r other games not called CS?
by readerr0r March 20, 2003