A very poor person who has no friends.
You are a spamz0r! HAHAHAHAHAH!
by Hitman March 20, 2003
Top Definition
A spammer
You dammm Spamzor go eat some spam spammer
by Ghost in the Shell March 20, 2003
Puts his feet up on the table at lans, is quiet and listen's to rammstien
by Ghost in the Shell March 20, 2003
A very very cool thing/being
omg your sooo Spamz0r!
by err... not spamz0r.. May 04, 2003
One whom is one with the fucktards, see wordfucktardword
My god, your a spamzor
you bitch like spamzor
by Edo Him Self March 20, 2003
got PMS?
There r other games not called CS?
by readerr0r March 20, 2003
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