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Spamish; adjective, a condition arising from repeated and unwanted communication, digital, verbal or otherwise.
email phone calls twits notes ex. You must be speaking Spamish, you've asked me 12 times. If I get another email from this bookclub, it turns Spamish.
by DrJimbob June 22, 2011
2 0
The vernacular used by spammers when populating other people's blogs with pointless comments attempting to sell the spammer's unrelated product or service.

Usually evidently translated from a different language.

eg 'Your post great is! I consider the progenity related to the outcome. Penis enlargement tablets lol! :)'
Oh, i've got a new comment on the blog.'s in Spamish.
by Reverend Frog March 14, 2011
12 0
An internet tongue afflicting those who can't stop sending emails.
Clicking on a link and then being buried in email because of it. "I asked about their store hours and they went all Spamish on me. I got buried in e-mails!"
spam email
by Dr.jimbob July 30, 2011
4 0
having th qualitys of spam
that spam lite is spamish
by spamman February 19, 2003
9 8
Unwanted email that originates from a primarily spanish-speaking and/or latino country.
This unsolicited email from Spain is spamish.
by Yeti6 January 09, 2004
3 12
Half spanish, half amish... Spamish.
English: Johnny
Spanish: Yonny
Amish: Yonnie

Jose's beard made him look Spamish.
by ~JS~ March 21, 2006
4 15