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Slang. A woman's genitals.

See also: Meat Curtains; Axe Wound; Muff; Bearded Clam; Beaver etc.
"My, what a fine spam purse you have!"
by Hazzamon February 04, 2004
76 13
vagina, ax wound, meat curtains, also beef curtains, love tunnel, hey nanny nanny, hoooodilly, she taco, cunt, spam box.
A spam purse is a classic prerequisites for playing hide the salami.
by Matt Hamms March 09, 2007
31 7
Endearing slang for the female reproductive organ - vagina. Also known as 'quim', 'minge', 'axewound', 'spaz hole' and 'cunny
I could see right in her spam purse
by Dr Hilary Wilson January 14, 2004
35 22
vagina, also known as vag, slit, gash, lovegash, hole, fuck socket etc
Walking down the street you're the centre of my universe.
You've got the world in your pocket, my manhood locked in your (spam)purse
by jamfsob August 12, 2003
18 12
A stupid word mad up by Selvmord.
The pride is a spampurse.
by JafitMan January 25, 2005
1 6