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A Spaced shootout is a slow-motion gunfight using mimed weapons. Should include acted-out blood spurts, reloading clips, jammed weapons, etc. Anything goes, and feel free to take several injuries before dying. Based on a classic scene in the British comedy Spaced.

May also be referred to as a Spaced gunfight, but then you lose the alliteration.
Mike: Men have gotten an unspoken telepathy. A biological connection between male psyches. Whether they know each other or not, put a group of them together, always the same.
Brian: What do you mean?
Mike: Shall we show him, Tim?
Tim: Mike, I really am not in the mood-
Mike: (pulls out imaginary shotgun)
Tim: Oooh shiit!!

(Spaced shootout ensues)
by Dagger33 May 27, 2007
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