Character in certain levels of the video game "Spyro: Year of the Dragon" which flies around in a spaceship that makes a chirpy whistling noise. One must guide Spyro around and shoot all the space cows before they wreak various acts of havoc on unsuspecting farmers.
Damnit! The space cows abducted all the farmers again!
by Monoceros October 05, 2006
Top Definition
A species of bovine well suited to the hostile environs of the vacuum of space. (see: Hey Diddle Diddle, Futurama)
While flying their spaceship, Fry heard a thud. "Oh no!" Fry exclaimed. "I think we hit a space cow!"
by Spacecow March 08, 2003
A certain phenomenon in the upper Midwest in which all food vanishes due to a HUGE cow, which takes up alot of space.
Damnit Space Cow! i knew you were hungry but did you have to eat ALL the food?!
by wizzle bizzle September 08, 2006
Typically refers to an uneducated woman. Most likely an overweight adult valley girl, or similar.
I tried to talk to Tiffany about current political events, but she gave me a blank stare and ate another Bon-bon.
by Da11a5 December 29, 2003
A cow from the outer reaches. Likes to make SILLY mp3s and make light of his sometimes self-perceived inferiority. A kewl guy who will ROCK YOUR WORLD A+ :D
Spacecow is a word on
by Irving Washington March 30, 2003
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