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Is a term used to say sorry to someone who is being cocky or that thinks they are "hard"
Laura: Actually it was the other day..
Char: Oh, soz boz!

Jam: Err, i don't think so mate.
Bert: Alright, soz boz.
by Laura-Loralie February 06, 2009
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Another fun way of saying sorry. It's text/computer language that's spoken. Very common amongst teenagers.
Person 1 bumps into person 2
Person 1: Soz boz
Person 2: No probs
by fruitloop56478 July 26, 2011
A fun and kind of sarcastic way to say sorry. Sometimes you may not even be sorry but can't be bothered saying anything else.
Person 1: Ouch man that hurt!
Person 2: Oh... sozboz.
by ciarathesozbozmaster November 19, 2013

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