Refers to a notorious area of southern Canberra, Australia.

It covers several suburbs, including Chifley, Lyons and Mawson, the heart of which is the 'Southlands' shopping center located within Mawson.

The popular bus routes from 21 - 24 travel through this area, the most dangerous route being the 21. Many notorious gangsters from the area use this bus route for drug running and other illicit activities.

Points of interest include the public phone box at the Lyons shopping village, where numerous drop offs are made. As well as this the public toilets at Chifley shops is a point of interest for chemical entrepreneur's and P.I.M.P's.
"Mate, it's the 21 to southlands, should we catch it?"
"Yeah mate, I've got business to attend to"
"... oh dear"

by Lil Pesos February 28, 2008
Top Definition
California from Los Angeles to the border. Los Angeles, OC, Imperial County, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego.
Dudes hit hard in the Southland.
by Lt. Dungheap May 07, 2006
noun home land of the runner
verb where the action is at.
SHe's a runner. at southland
by CaN Opener January 13, 2003
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