A bunch of trailertrash douchebags that are poor as fuck who wont go to college no matter how good their grades are because when the admissions office look at them they say oh they're from some piece of shit town with terrible education. All the girls are lesbians and are raised to satisfy their minimum wage earning men.
matt kelleher= dumbass football player.. gets a 4.0 in southington
by chris damico October 18, 2006
Top Definition
Southington, where your kid learns how many grams are in an ounce =P
we actually have 3 mcdonalds... 1 on west street
by jgrmeister December 12, 2003
Centrally located Connecticut town where the majority of kids go to skewl for no other reason than bc they have to. Bc of this reason they choose to get as fucked up as possible before attending(getting really high, piss-ass drunk, etc) Other students attend only to sell drugs also(providing the addicts fix while @ skewl). Southington has everything... drugs...sluts...wiggers...and mother fuckin John Sample.(is he true or just urban myth? you figure it out) It's also been discovered that this town is more picky about their quality of drugs than any other city/town that I've lived in. We also smoke more blunts of fluffy dank nuggets than anyone.
Richest poor kids live in this town and become drug addicts off mommy and daddy's money. Come join us! Won't you?
by mUtHa FuCkIn JoHn SaMpLe January 11, 2004
Drugs*R*Us ... Drug town 101 ...
Everyone is this town either smokes pot, drinks, or does another type of drug ... *or a combination of them* ...
by ouy kcuf December 14, 2003
A centrally located town in Connecticut. Bordered by New Britain, Cheshire, Meriden, Bristol, Plainville, and Berlin. Its a valley, so all the shit flows down hill. That is my theory explaining our amount of screwed upness. We have low taxes because we sacrifice many social services. We have the least ambitious students around. The last time someone got into Yale was in 1976. Most of our school is content simply ingesting random drugs. We have a drinking high school with a football problem. We have Tops Supermarket which encompasses all that is screwed up about this town. In short, this place sucks and don't move here if possible. John Sample is a REAL person and the living embodiment of our dysfunctional nature. Trivia Bonus: John Sample worked at Tops.
Hi, I am from Southington and I am ashamed about it.
by madphysicsman August 20, 2004
Southington is your average town except for the fact that we have more alcohol, drugs, and hoe's than any other town in Ct. It's also home to the one and only Mother Fucking John Sample and yes he's a real person for those of you who doubt that he is
Where herb's infultrate suburbia, such as John Sample.
John Sample is the biggest herb in the country and lives in southington, :(
by Jinx Da Juvy December 24, 2003
A suburban town in central Connecticut; a town that is large enough to be a city but remains a town because it sounds good.
More restaurants on Queen Street (per square feet)than anywhere else in the world. (9 Dunkin' Donuts, 2 McDonalds, 2 Subways, 100 pizza places, etc.)
by Vu December 10, 2003
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