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Southern Lehigh is a rural school in a rather wealthy area of majority homogeneous (white) student population; nevertheless the influx of African-Americans and Puerto-Ricans has severely damaged its reputation of late. Often times considered an athletic cesspool by outsiders, one has to look no further than the swim team to find the heart and soul of the athletic, academic and social community*. Southern Lehigh graduates and students alike pride themselves on their ability to consume mass quantities of alcohol with apparent ease*.

*All references to things “good” are 98% a reflection of the graduated society
The studly swimmers drank copious amounts of alchohol while rejoicing in their social greatness
by Angus Young March 15, 2005
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A suburban high school in south eastern Pennsylvania, known to people of the area as "the rich school". This school is loaded with preps, posers, emos, and is seriously lacking in any racial diversity. It is also known for it's massive alcohol consumption and wild school dances.
-"I'm really bored, I wish there was a bitchin party we could go to."
-"Let's crash the Southern Lehigh High School prom!"
by Slhs Black Barbie September 15, 2008
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A public school in South Eastern PA, known as the "rich kids" School. Mostly due to the fact that many students parents settled in the area because of there engineering jobs. The SoLehi Spartans, are known for their kick ass swim team, and field hockey team. A mostly white school known for its academic programs and ability to party. Many of the students are stuck up arrogant and have been sheltered all their lives. But most are not. Sister school to Saucon Valley High School. The School's colors are blue black and white.
Southern Lehigh High School is similar to Saucon Valley High School because it is a richie rich school as well, I mean go on Tickle Belly Road and Just look in awh... $2,000,000+ houses.

Sheltered kids who want to go home from school when their boyfriend breaks up with them
by handspringgirl97 March 29, 2009
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